Honeywell Home Notification Service (Event Data)

Honeywell Home Notification Service is the process in which our platform pushes real-time event notifications to a Microsoft Azure Event Hub endpoint for retrevial.

Azure Event Hub Information

For more information about Azure Event Hub please see the following:


Event Structure

Each event has a "NotificationType" header in the Application Properties that defines the type of event. The events are only generated when one of the values contained within are changed. Notification types by device type:

  • WldCriticalBatteryEvent
  • WldCriticalBatteryResolvedEvent
  • WldDeviceOfflineEvent
  • WldDeviceOnlineEvent
  • WldHighHumidityEvent
  • WldHighHumidityResolvedEvent
  • WldHighTemperatureEvent
  • WldHighTemperatureResolvedEvent
  • WldLowBatteryEvent
  • WldLowBatteryResolvedEvent
  • WldLowHumidityEvent
  • WldLowHumidityResolvedEvent
  • WldLowTemperatureEvent
  • WldLowTemperatureResolvedEvent
  • WldWaterLeakEvent
  • WldWaterLeakResolvedEvent
  • CameraClipReadyEvent
  • CameraSoundStartedEvent
  • CameraStatusOfflineEvent
  • CameraStatusOnlineEvent
  • CameraMotionStartedEvent
  • CameraDeviceActivatedEvent
  • CameraDeviceDeactivatedEvent
  • DasSystemAcLossEvent
  • DasSystemAcLossClearEvent
  • DasAutomationDeviceUpdateFailureEvent
  • DasTimedOutEvent
  • DasDeviceDiscoveryEvent
  • DasDeviceDiscoveryTimeoutEvent
  • DasDeviceDiscoveryFailureEvent
  • DasKeyFobAddEvent
  • DasKeyFobDeleteEvent
  • DasKeyFobDeleteFailureEvent
  • DasKeyFobUpdateEvent
  • DasKeyFobUpdateFailureEvent
  • DasPartitionUpdateEvent
  • DasPartitionUpdateFailureEvent
  • DasAlarmFailedEvent
  • DasAlarmDismissFailedEvent
  • DasSensorAddEvent
  • DasSensorAlarmEvent
  • DasSensorAlarmClearEvent
  • DasSensorBypassEvent
  • DasSensorBypassFailureEvent
  • DasSensorBypassClearEvent
  • DasSensorOpenEvent
  • DasSensorCloseEvent
  • DasSensorDeleteEvent
  • DasSensorDeleteFailureEvent
  • DasSensorTamperEvent
  • DasSensorTamperClearEvent
  • DasSensorUpdateEvent
  • DasSensorTestModeEvent
  • DasSensorOfflineEvent
  • DasSensorOnlineEvent
  • DasSystemUpdateEvent
  • DasSystemBatteryStateEvent
  • DasFirmwareUpgradeStartEvent
  • DasFirmwareUpgradeSuccessEvent
  • DasFirmwareUpgradeFailureEvent
  • DasSwitchAddEvent
  • DasSwitchDeleteEvent
  • DasSwitchUpdateEvent
  • DasResetZWaveControllerEvent
  • DasResetZWaveControllerFailureEvent
  • DasSensorUpdateFailureEvent
  • DasSensorTestModeFailureEvent
  • DasSystemOnlineEvent
  • DasSystemOfflineEvent
  • DasSystemTamperEvent
  • DasSystemTamperClearEvent
  • DemandResponseFinishedEvent
  • DemandResponseOptedOutEvent
  • DemandResponsePhaseChangedEvent
  • DemandResponseStartedEvent
  • DemandResponseScheduledEvent
  • DeviceOfflineEvent
  • DeviceOnlineEvent
  • FanStatusEvent
  • FanSwitchEvent
  • SetpointStatusEvent
  • SystemSwitchEvent
  • ThermostatIndoorHumidityEvent
  • ThermostatOutdoorHumidityEvent
  • ThermostatIndoorTemperatureEvent
  • ThermostatOutdoorTemperatureEvent

All Smart Home Security, Camera, and Water Leak Detector events will contain the following body items:

NOTE: Thermostat events were generated in a previous version so they do not share the same attributes. Further information will be provided on the Thermostat events page.

Field Name/Location Data Type Definition
DeviceId String DeviceID of the device changed
DeviceType String Type of the device in the event. Possible values: "DAS" (Smart Home Security), "WLD", "BuiltIn" (Built In Camera for Smart Home Security), "C1", "C2"
OccuredAt DateTime Date/Time stamp of the change
Subsystem String Source system of the change. Possible values: "Wld", "Das" (Smart Home Security), "Camera"
BackendId String Subsystem (backend) device ID
FrontendId String API facing Frontend ID, for example what would come in the GET /locations response
MessageBody JSON String Raw JSON source data from device facing system


DeviceSubscribe/Unsubscribe Events

The notification service also supports sending two generic event types. These are the names of the events and the name used in the "NotificationType" header:

  • DeviceSubscribedEvent
  • DeviceUnsubscribedEvent

DeviceSubscribedEvent will be sent when the POST /subscribe call is completed successfully.


  "MacId": "48A2E684B5D3",
  "OccuredAt": "2023-09-25T11:00:13.8995081Z",
  "Subsystem": "Lcc"

DeviceUnsubscribedEvent will be sent when the DELETE /subscribe call is completed successfully, or in the case of thermostats if the device is unregistered from the customer's account.

  "MacId": "48A2E66EEA50",
  "OccuredAt": "2023-09-25T11:08:57.7696925Z",
  "Subsystem": "Lcc"