Method Name Resource URL
POST Obtain OAuth2 Client Credentials Token /accesstoken
GET Get an Authorization Code /authorize
POST Create a Token from an Authorization Code /token
POST Refresh a Token /token
GET Get all devices for a location /devices
POST Set Schedule /devices/schedule/{deviceId}
GET Get Schedule /devices/schedule/{deviceId}
POST Change Thermostat Settings /devices/thermostats/{deviceId}
GET Get Thermostat /devices/thermostats/{deviceId}
GET Get current fan settings /devices/thermostats/{deviceId}/fan
POST Change fan setting for device /devices/thermostats/{deviceId}/fan
GET Get rooms in a group /devices/thermostats/{deviceId}/group/{groupId}/rooms
GET Get Room Priority /devices/thermostats/{deviceId}/priority
PUT Set Room Priority /devices/thermostats/{deviceId}/priority
GET Get Thermostat Configuration /devices/thermostats/{deviceId}/thermostatconfiguration
GET Get all Devices by Type /devices/{deviceType}
GET Get a Specific Device by ID /devices/{deviceType}/{deviceId}
GET Get all Locations and Devices /locations
GET Get temperature and humidity sensor history /devices/waterLeakDetectors/{deviceId}/history
GET Get cameras for a Location /devices/cameras
GET Get a Specific Camera in a Location /devices/cameras/{deviceId}
POST Change Camera Config /devices/cameras/{deviceId}/config
GET Get Camera Configuration /devices/cameras/{deviceId}/config
GET Get Notifications for a Camera /devices/cameras/{deviceId}/notifications
POST Create Partner Receiver /v2/events/partner
GET Get Assigned Events /v2/events/partner/events
PUT Set Events to Subscribe To /v2/events/partner/events
GET Get Device Subscription State /v3/events/subscribe/subsystem/{subsystem}/mac/{deviceId}
POST Subscribe Device /v3/events/subscribe/subsystem/{subsystem}/mac/{deviceId}
DELETE Unsubscribe a device from real-time events /v3/events/subscribe/subsystem/{subsystem}/mac/{deviceId}
GET Get Activity Log /homesecurity/devices/{deviceId}/ActivityLogs
PUT Arm or Disarm the System /homesecurity/devices/{deviceId}/partitions/{partitionId}/{arm}
PUT Change Z-Wave Switch/Outlet /homesecurity/devices/{deviceId}/switches/{switchId}/state
GET Get DHW Schedule /devices/dhw/{deviceId}/schedule
PUT Set DHW Schedule /devices/dhw/{deviceId}/schedule
PUT Set DHW operation & boost state /devices/dhw/{deviceId}/state
PUT Set DHW System Switch /devices/dhw/{deviceId}/systemSwitch
GET Get Shutoff Valve /devices/shutoffvalve/{deviceId}
PUT Open or Close Valve /devices/shutoffvalve/{deviceId}/control