Get Shutoff Valve

Get data for a specific shutoff valve


    "name": "Basement",
    "deviceMac": "48A2E691D4DA",
    "deviceID": "4579041",
    "deviceClass": "ShutoffValve",
    "dataSyncInfo": {
        "state": "Completed",
        "transactionId": "qPQBUIxArASeqs3Z"
    "deviceRegistrationDate": "2022-10-19T16:39:37.997",
    "isAlive": true,
    "lastCheckin": "2022-12-13T20:17:09.559+00:00",
    "actuatorValve": {
        "commandSource": "app",
        "runningTime": 7619,
        "valveStatus": "Close",
        "motorCycles": 14,
        "motorCurrentAverage": 91,
        "motorCurrentMax": 0,
        "deviceTemperature": 86.6,
        "lastAntiScaleTime": "2022-12-01T07:00:00.000+00:00",
        "leakStatus": "Na",
        "timeValveChanged": "2022-12-13T20:17:09.559+00:00"
    "daylightSavingsInfo": {
        "isDaylightSaving": false,
        "nextOffsetChange": "2023-03-12T08:00:00.000+00:00"
    "maintenance": {
        "antiScaleSettings": "OncePerMonth",
        "antiScaleDOWSettings": "Sunday",
        "antiScaleDOMSettings": 1,
        "antiScaleTimeSettings": "07:00"
Field Name/Location Data Type Definition
name String Device name
deviceMac String Device MACID
deviceID String DeviceID
deviceClass String "ShutoffValve"
dataSyncInfo Object  
dataSyncInfo.state Enum NotStarted, Initiated, Completed, Failed
dataSyncInfo.transactionId String Internal reference ID for the DataSync operation
deviceRegistrationDate DateTime Timestamp of the device registration
isAlive Boolean Is the device online or offline
lastCheckin DateTime Last time data received from device
actuatorValve Object Values specific to the valve operation
actuatorValve.commandSource Enum Reason for last valve open/close. Possible values: app, wldFreeze, wldLeak, manual, buildInLeak, maintenance
actuatorValve.runningTime Integer Operation time
actuatorValve.valveStatus Enum Current known valve state. Possible Values: unknown, open, close, notOpen, notClose, opening, closing, antiScaleOpening, antiScaleClosing
actuatorValve.motorCycles Integer Count of motor operations
actuatorValve.motorCurrentAverage Integer  
actuatorValve.motorCurrentMax Integer  
actuatorValve.deviceTemperature Decimal Current temperature of device in Fahrenheit units
actuatorValve.lastAntiScaleTime DateTime Last time of anti-scale operation
actuatorValve.leakStatus Enum Current state of leak detection. Possible Values: ok, leak, na, err
actuatorValve.timeValveChanged DateTime Time of last valve change
daylightSavingsInfo Object Daylight savings time config info
daylightSavingsInfo.isDaylightSaving Boolean If device is currently using DST or not
daylightSavingsInfo.nextOffsetChange DateTime Next scheduled DST changeover
maintenance Object Maintenance settings
maintenance.antiScaleSettings Enum Current anti-scale cycle: OncePerWeek, OncePerTwoWeeks, OncePerMonth, OncePerTwoMonths, Disabled
maintenance.antiScaleDOWSettings Enum If weekly anti-scale is enabled, day of the week used: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
maintenance.antiScaleDOMSettings Int If monthly anti-scale is used, day of the month.
maintenance.antiScaleDOMSettings String Time for anti-scale in 24 hrs format

Resource URL /devices/shutoffvalve/{deviceId}

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

Your API Key

Request Body

deviceId DeviceID for the requested device true

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



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Make a request and see the response.

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Shutoff Valve